Become A Client

Learn if Our Services are a Good Fit for You

Step 1

Initial Phone Call

It’s the same whether you’re looking to work with us for our retirement plan services or as an individual client. We start with a short phone introduction where we spend 15 to 30 minutes talking about what you’re looking to accomplish with a financial advisor. 

Everyone and every business has different circumstances and has had different experiences. This initial call allows us to get acquainted and provides you with an opportunity to see if there is potentially a good fit. We can also explain in more detail how we work with our clients. Sometimes during a call we discover that you may be best served by trying another avenue, and we’ll provide you with some guidance on what we think your next best steps will be. Other times, we recommend going to the next step of an initial meeting.

Step 2

Introduction Meeting

There’s no better way to know if you’ll enjoy working with someone than sitting down in-person. The initial consultation usually runs 45 to 90 minutes, depending on how complex the issues are. We use this time to get to know you better, dive into some of the key issues, and gather data and information. It’s a chance for you to ask straightforward questions and understand the specifics of how working with Point Sur Advisors can add value to your situation. 

For businesses interested in retirement plan services, we typically conduct the introduction meeting at your office. Our clients find this meeting very productive, since many initial questions get answered, and we can usually outline a tentative scope of work and estimated costs.

Step 3

Follow Up Meeting​

After the introduction meeting, we take one to two weeks to process and evaluate the information. We schedule a follow up meeting to discuss the findings and present you with preliminary recommendations, action items, an outline of the scope of work, and compensation schedule. If a client would like to proceed, we start the onboarding process.

Step 4


This is the step where paperwork is signed, and we get the accounts established. We also start implementing recommendations from the follow up meeting. For retirement plan clients, we schedule the first employee education meeting, implement any investment lineup changes, and ensure your compliance requirements are in order.

Step 5

Ongoing Relationship

We provide guidance, updates, and advice to our clients throughout the year, as needed, and we work with their attorneys and tax advisors in the same way. We aim to schedule, at a minimum, two review meetings or calls per year with our clients, and we ask that clients plan and make time for this. Depending on the nature and scope of work, we may meet or have calls more frequently as needed. 

For business and retirement plan clients, we schedule one or two in-office meetings with participants as a group session or as one-on-one meetings, depending on the preference of the company. We also make arrangements for additional on-site meetings for companies with multiple offices or job sites. We work one-on-one with owners and employees to field questions and assist with accounts throughout the year, and we encourage all retirement plan participants to take advantage of the full financial planning that we offer, free of charge, as part of our retirement plan services.

How Do You Get Paid?

Depending on the nature and circumstances of a client’s situation, we can receive compensation as: 

  • A flat-dollar annual fee, billed monthly
  • A percentage based on assets managed, billed monthly
  • A commission, which is usually built into the cost of the securities or insurance
  • A one-time, up front, planning fee in the case of a client who would like to do a single financial plan or consultation with no ongoing service beyond that

Ready to Get Started or Need More Information?

We understand that sometimes you have more detailed questions or just need some additional information. Let’s get started!